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Our mission is to provide Jefferson and surrounding counties with a comprehensive treatment program for Opioid and Alcohol Use Disorders that holds both the patient and physician accountable to a higher standard.

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At NuLease we focus on creating an improved patient outcome through a caring environment of medical and behavioral therapies for opioid and alcohol dependency, and to provide an addiction recovery approach that vests patients both psychologically and physically in their outcome. Our program is based on a team approach that puts the patient first by providing required in-house counseling and group meetings. Our counselors see patients with providers to ensure a team approach and encourage accountability for struggling patients.

 Dr. Cales M.D. (Medical Director)

Dr. Cales M.D. (Medical Director)

Dr. Cales, M.D. is double-boarded in Internal and Emergency Medicine. Dr. Cales is also licensed in Addiction Medicine. Currently, he serves on the state trauma board and travels throughout the state to survey and credential trauma centers. Dr. Cales has spent his career in Emergency settings and works to improve the over-prescribing of Opioids by fellow physicians. He believes transparency is key and works with leaders to advocate for stronger Medicaid assistance with more lab testing of patients in crisis to ensure responsible prescribing of Suboxone.

Shannon Cales, RRT, MHA, (Founder and CEO)

Shannon Cales, RRT, MHA (Founder and CEO)

Shannon began her career as a Registered Respiratory Therapist in 1996. She is also an American Heart Association Instructor, and Long Term Care Administrator. She serves as the co-chair for Addiction Policy Forum and is an advisor for Refuge for Women and Safe Passage. Each of these non-profit organizations advocate for policy change regarding addiction and human trafficking. She has 20 years of experience working with patients in all areas of trauma and long-term care. Shannon left her job as the Executive Director of Respiratory Care from two hospitals in order to start NuLease. During this time she also obtained a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration from Western Kentucky University. She is committed to never giving up on patients and allowing them numerous opportunities to continue aggressive treatment through relapse. Shannon also focuses on raising awareness and funding for those suffering from addiction and/or exploitation.   

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